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About SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM believes that the best solutions are simple, this is why they came up with a product, focused on pure customer relationship management, without unnecessary complications or feature overloads. A uniquely customizable interface ensures that every employee’s usage of the system is both, utmost effective and easy to grasp, providing all the aspects one could expect of the CRM and more. From quality leads and a lightning-quick onboarding process, to a personalized service, a perfect integration, and features that ensure your business remains as regulation-compliant as your specific case requires.


Quality for Less – A truly competitive price and product offering

Unified sales, marketing and service solution for the complete customer experience

Automated workflow processes from front to middle or back-office: whether it is onboarding, compliance or KYC, smoothness of operation is key

Multiple activity streams for deeper customer relationship building and referral driving

100% carefree trading platforms’ and business intelligence applications’ integration

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