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About SalesForce Integration

SalesForce is the world’s largest CRM and business solutions provider, offering all the features necessary for an ideal customer experience. From sales, service and engagement to integration, analytics and AI -it’s a universal leader for more than just one set of reasons.


Sales Cloud provides a unique pipeline of solid leads without additional apps or speed limits

Service Cloud for the next step in customer support: from call center software to self-service portals

Marketing Cloud for each customer’s personalized 1 on 1 journey: whether it is B2C or B2B; email, social or digital

Custom mobile and engagement app add-ons to further boost the figures

Full-on trading platform, as well as organizational tools’ (i.e.: SAP, Oracle) integration

AI-infused analytics tools for thorough insight in minutes

Specific financial-service-industry-adapted CRM for maximum relevance

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