About Panda Trading Systems Integration

With over 15 years of experience building brokerage ecosystems and solutions, Panda has developed a reputation both for off-the-shelf turnkey solutions and custom developments. The company’s abiding principle is to create technology tailored to each business’s specific requirements as well as ongoing training and aftermarket support. In recent years, Panda has focused on bringing the latest developments from the A. I space to its CRM in the interests of making brokerage teams smarter and more efficient.


Panda CRM - this best-in-class solution was crafted with an absolute focus on forex brokers' everyday use.

Panda PAMM System - a fully integrated PAMM Accounts system that allows multi-conditions offers, automatic results distribution, and advanced performance monitoring.

Panda Quote Engine - Multi-Asset Feed is backed by our powerful aggregation algorithm engine, ensuring low-latency and spike-free prices of thousands of assets, even under the most volatile market conditions.

Dealing & Risk Plugins

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