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cTrader Dealing Desk

A full featured dealing desk add-on for online trading providers who operate as broker-dealers or online brokers who want to increase the flexibility of their risk and internal order management capabilities.

Dealing Desk and cTrader

When cTrader was first conceptualized and built, it was to fill a gap in the market, at the time there was no real STP trading platform packaged for brokers. While cTrader supports A and B book execution out of the box, there is the option of a dealing desk add-on which is available for brokers regulated in Europe, US and Asia Pacific who require these controls according to their regulatory responsibilities and risk management operations.

Dealing Blotter

An ergonomically designed dealing blotter for your dealing desk to claim and manually execute the orders which have been flagged for their attention.

Instant Orders

When orders have been brought to the dealing blotter, they are to be claimed by a dealer who can then process it accordingly. Once claimed, the dealer can execute the order at the requested price, current market price or a custom price. Instant orders can be rejected with one of five preset reasons which are given to the client. If orders are not claimed and executed before the chosen timeout period, they will be rejected.

Pending Orders

All pending orders are shown in the dealing blotter, once the market price triggers the order the dealers are notified, then it can be claimed and manually executed. Pending orders can be filled at the price which triggered the order, the price which was submitted with the order, current market price or a custom fill level. Orders can be sorted by distance from the market price and when orders are triggered they jump to the top of the blotter for action to be taken.

Dealing Desk Features

Additional features which come with the dealing desk add-on module.

Dealer Order

Dealers can open orders and trade on behalf of any account as a useful alternative to Phone Trading. From the Dealer Order window, the account which will be traded from can be selected, where all information about the account is shown, the symbol can be selected, where all information is also shown, and finally all order properties can be applied, including the entry price which the instant order should be filled at.

Bulk Close

Dealers can bulk close all positions and pending orders of a specific symbol and submit the price which they will sell and buy at. This feature is useful for closing all positions when an instrument has become obsolete and needs to be disabled completely or a huge price movement poses a significant threat to you or your clients.

Manual Execution Rules

Establish clear rules which will flag orders for manual execution by routing them to the dealing blotter for the attention of your dealers. Select specific symbols which will always be sent for manual execution. Create multiple profiles for establishing the maximum size of orders that can be automatically executed, orders larger than max auto execution size will be routed to the dealing blotter. Max auto execution size can be configured per symbol, per group.

Guaranteed Stop Loss

Brokers with the dealing desk add-on are able to provide a Limited Risk account type and offer Guaranteed Stop Losses to all their clients with any other account type. A minimum distance for placing a GSL can be applied in points and charge can be introduced in points or percentage, these settings are specifically for dealing desk groups. A GSL schedule is provided to change the charge for GSLs at certain times.