Double the coding speed and user base of your algorithms with cTrader

Modern, high-level programming language
Parallel execution of multiple trades
No dealing desk to stop algo orders

Developing and sharing reliable trading algorithms is a great way to earn more using your programming skills. cTrader provides an all-in-one solution for coding, testing and distributing all kinds of algos!

Allow Your Robots to Trade Freely

Parallel Execution of Multiple Trades

The cTrader Algo API exposes asynchronous methods of order execution. It allows your trading bots to trade faster.

Unlimited Trading Robots on One Chart

cTrader allows for adding as many algorithms as you want to a single chart. No need to open several charts and monitor them all.

STP/NDD Platform

All orders made by algos are executed immediately without any dealing desk interruption. In cTrader, your trading robots can work efficiently and fairly.

Cloud Execution Soon!

Forget about having to use a VPS. cTrader allows everyone to run cBots in Cloud 24/7 for free. It is a crucial improvement for newcomers: from now on, running a cBot is easier than opening a position manually.

Code Trading Algorithms More Quickly and Easily

Programme Using a Modern Language

With cTrader, there is no need to use an outdated proprietary language. Use your .NET skills to create algos quickly and effortlessly.

Work in a Professional Development Environment

You can write and build cTrader algos using popular IDEs, including Visual Studio, VS Code, Rider or Sublime Text.

Use an Object-oriented API

C# is object-oriented, which makes your code reusable and compact. Manage your algos with ease and improve them without wasting time on understanding legacy code.

Utilise Higher-level Functions

The Algo API exposes all methods necessary to easily control the lifecycle of algos. You can even customise how algos react to different exceptions, making your products more reliable and demanded.

Take Ready-made Components from NuGet

NuGet is the official package management system for .NET development. Here, you can find thousands of helpful libraries to enrich your algos with new functionalities.

Backtest on Any Chart Type

Backtest and optimise your algorithms on all chart and bar types


26 periods from
1 min to 1 month


27 periods from
1 to 1000 ticks


26 periods from
1 pip to 2000 pips


22 periods from
1 pip to 10000 pips


26 periods from
1 min to 1 month

Optimise with Flexibility

Multiple Optimisation Criteria Simultaneously

Net Profit, Max Equity Drawdown, Winning Trades, Max Balance Drawdown, Losing Trades, Total Trades, etc.

Custom Optimisation Criteria

Develop your own criteria for optimisation based on any factor, property or calculation.

Powerful Genetic Algorithm or Full Grid

Depending on how many parameters you want to optimise, you can choose a suitable option.

Resource Management

Choose how many resources of your PC to spend on the optimisation process.

Attract More Users

Convert your algorithms to C# and expand your audience by reaching cTrader users. No need to create algorithms from scratch, just use a code converter from another language to C#.

Gain Referrals

Invite new traders to use your algorithms in cTrader by simply sharing a link. They will be attributed to you automatically and, after registering with your broker, they will become your referrals.

Run Algorithms in Cloud Soon!

Trading algorithms in cTrader can run in the cloud. No need to rent a virtual server or stay online 24/7 anymore. Trading robots can be launched in the cloud in two clicks directly from the mobile, web or desktop cTrader application.

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