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Finance Feeds Interview: An Uncensored Opinion on Crypto World

Oct 25, 2018

James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware, has recently met with Financed Feeds in regards to the launch of cXchange digital asset exchange solution.

In this detailed interview, James shared his views on cryptocurrency and trading from the exchange perspective, covering a number of topics including:

  • the difference between ICOs and IPOs and the introduction of a new Term, VCOs
  • the variety of trading asset types, its similarities and differences
  • the level of maturity of cryptocurrency market from the perspective of an exchange
  • the importance of regulation, credibility and client protection
  • advertising in the crypto industry and bans of giants like Facebook and Google
  • the shift to mobile trading, and a strategic decision to go mobile first
  • the technology behind cXchange, the matching engine, and liquidity
  • benefits and challenges of cryptocurrency, and the future of money

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