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Spotware’s Head of Business Development Fazzaco Interview: Alexander Geralis Unveils cTrader’s Current Standing & Future, Invites Partners to iFX Dubai Expo

May 20, 2021

Alexander Geralis - Head of Business Development at Spotware, has explored the present and future of the cTrader platform and the financial services industry as a whole, addressed post-COVID challenges, trading platform provider choices, new releases, as well as invited both - established and potential partners to join Spotware’s cTrader for the iFX Dubai Expo - all in an exclusive interview with Fazzaco.

Among key topics, the interview covers:

  • iFX Expo Dubai
  • Post-COVID industry challenges
  • Choosing the right trading platform provider for brokers and traders
  • What differentiates cTrader from other platforms in the industry
  • New cTrader releases
  • cTrader’s current standing & future

Full Interview