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Alexander Geralis Held a Panel at Nakamoto’s Den

Mar 05, 2019

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has moderated a panel at Nakamoto’s Den Blockchain Investment Conference which was held on the 19-20th of February in Cyprus. Alexander spoke with Dr. Theodore Krintas from Koubaras, a full-time crypto trader Jim, and George Agathangelou from Universal Crypto in the “Traders Special Panel” covering the below topics:

  • What led the participants to become traders/investors,
  • How someone completely new to crypto and blockchain can take his first steps into trading or investing in this space with the current market in mind,
  • What the difference between trading and investing is if it can be argued that investing is simply a long-term trading,
  • What the parallels and differences are in crypto and more traditional markets,
  • The value of being aware of sentiment,
  • Considerations in keeping assets safe in cold storage but at the same time having trading capital available for immediate market opportunities.

Nakamoto’s Den had presented a number of interesting keynote speeches from such notable figures as Chris Dawe (Effect.AI), Yaov Dror (Pumapay), Luka Sucic (Aeternity), Mike Costache (Blockchain Investor/Advisor) and Panis Pieri (Risetech Media) among others. It also held an ICO and post-ICO battles, networking sessions and panels covering Blockchain, Innovation, Technology, and AI.

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