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Alexander Geralis Discusses Trends in Crypto Industry with Edward Iskra

Feb 13, 2019

The crypto space has suffered significant losses last year and, so far, the trading activity is not as active as it used to be. In fact, the market cap has dropped by more than 85%, while the trading activity is down by less than 70% in the US Dollar terms comparing to the last year. However, if we look at the number of major cryptocurrencies traded each day, we do see an increase in the lows of 2018 taking Bitcoin volume into consideration, regardless of the price.

These substantial changes in traded volume landscape had a significant impact on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of them had to close down their operations, while others are strengthening their positions and investing in major infrastructure acquisitions.

Alexander Geralis, the Chief Commercial Officer of cXchange, and Edward Iskra, Director for Communications and Board Member at Bitcoin Gold, discussed these latest trends on BloxLive TV. They covered the following topics:

  • What the fact that the drop in US Dollar trading activity is less than the price tells us,
  • Why the recovery of the daily Bitcoin transactions is not reflected in the prices of the underlying assets,
  • Could the daily blockchain transactions data be a more useful indicator of trading activity than the traded volume which figures are being distorted by wash trading,
  • Should the turnover of coins be used as a metric to judge the markets,
  • What the biggest acquisitions we have seen during this crypto winter were and why they are still happening,
  • Is the failure of exchanges, such as QuadrigaCX, the reason why decentralized exchanges could become more popular,
  • What the major setback for implementation of decentralized exchange is.

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