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Alexander Geralis Comments on the Reported & Actual Exchange Volumes

Dec 18, 2018

The latest report by Blockchain Transparency Institute has revealed that 80% of the traded volume in the top 25 Bitcoin pairs on CoinMarketCap might be artificial. According to the report, nearly top 30 traded tokens are engaged in wash trading. Alexander Geralis, the Chief Product Officer of cXchange, has discussed this topic with BloxLive TV. In this interview, he answered the below questions:

  • What are the price implications for tokens that pay to be listed on exchanges with fake volume?
  • What does the fact that only Binance and Bitfinex have 100% real volume tell us about the exchange space?
  • Is it good or bad that a quarter of some large exchanges’ volumes is reported being real, comparing to coins that have only 1% of real volume?
  • Having Binance and Coinbase with more than 300,000 of active users each, could this be a better indication of trading activity and what defines an active user?
  • What does the number of active users tell us about the level of adoption and popularity of digital asset trading?
  • Could bots be used to generate artificial volume and can they be run by external parties to create profit?
  • How negative is it for an exchange to be present on the Exchange Advisory List of the Blockchain Transparency Institute and will it impact the exchange in the long run?
  • Over-the-counter volume is not seen on exchanges. How substantial might this volume be?
  • Does the move of trading activity to decentralized exchanges would solve the issue of artificial volume?

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