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A closer look at cTrader: James Glyde Interview with Leaprate

Apr 28, 2015

In the recent interview with Leaprate, cTrader Business Development Manager, James Glyde, talks about the benefits of cTrader platform compared to other trading software providers and what makes cTrader platform stand out from the competition."There are many aspects that make our cAlgo automated trading platform superior: user-friendly interface, built on C# language as opposed to an internal proprietary programming language, which means that there is a vast amount of help and support resources available." - said James Glyde. "One of the biggest benefits of this platform is the unnecessity of bridges. You remove one execution process, one outgoing on supplier relationship. Bridges simply exist to make an outdated platform do something which it was never supposed to do. Further to fulfill the needs for bridges are all the additional plugins that need to be purchased and maintained to make an outdated platform brought up to acceptable standards for traders and managers using the back-end of the platform. Things like bonuses, fast stop out, trading alerts, market depth, ladders, price filtering, etc - all of these things are an additional cost for brokers, and all of these things are already included into the cTrader Suite." - James Glyde, Business Development Manager, cTrader.

See the full video interview below.

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