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Creation of Assets and Symbols

No more email correspondence and no more waiting for Assets and Symbols to be added. Now you can create Assets and Symbols using cBroker both - one at a time and massively.

Ιmporting process lasts less than 1 minute for 10K assets and less than 2 minutes for 10K Symbols. For every type of imported data, we added CSV files with examples and descriptions of every field. To simplify the setting of Symbol Default Profiles, we also added the export feature to Symbol Sessions and Group Profiles applications, so each Manager can download the list of Profiles from the respective application and tab and move the value to CSV file via Copy/Paste.

SWAPs on Weekends

Up to now, weekends were ignored in terms of SWAPs calculations. Now you can check the box and define if SWAPs should be charged on weekends, allowing you to operate more effectively with cryptocurrencies. As per usual, we do not have limitations on the asset classes for which this option can be enabled.

SWAPs Grace Period

SWAPs were always charged from the first day for all positions. Now, you can define Grace period for Non-Shariah-Compliant accounts. This feature is similar to the Market Standard of Grace period, applied to Shariah-Compliant (Islamic) accounts, but the addition of it to our general SWAP functionality gives our cTrader brokers more flexibility in defining your trading conditions.

Transfer of Basic Symbol Settings

Up to now, only Symbol Profiles could be massively transferred between symbols. Now a new Transfer Basic Symbol Settings feature has been introduced, and you will be able to transfer basic Symbol settings such as the subscription on quotes, trading mode, displaying in client terminals, and others between Symbols.

Broker OAuth - Custom Links Setup

Broker OAuth - soon to be released - will allow brokers to use their own authentication and authorization infrastructure instead of cTrader ID, for the purposes of signing up or signing in to the cTrader platform providing a frictionless sign up and sign in experience to the end user as well as improving the flow of user acquisition for brokers. Custom links setup has been added to cBroker to allow the proper configuration of Broker OAuth processes.

Improving and Expanding Force Trading Feature

The possibility to cancel pending orders has been added in the Order details window. Now you can cancel an order within the Order details window, without having to navigate to the Symbols application. Additionally, the Force Bulk Close window in the Symbols application has been improved - UI updated, options to close positions and cancel orders divided.

Ability to Configure Popular Markets in Symbols

Up to now Symbols were not appearing in the Popular Markets section of cTrader platform despite their existing in GUI Settings due to their absence on the environment (for example, in case you have different sets of Symbols for Demo and Live environments).. Therefore, the flexibility of configuring Popular Markets in Symbols application has been added. if a Symbol is signed for displaying in the Symbols application and if it is absent in Country sets or/and in Default Watchlist of the Popular Markets section of GUI Settings application, then the setting from Symbols application will be used.

Separate Settings of Deposit Currencies for Demo and Live

Separate deposit currencies for Demo and Live environments can now be configured, using new sections in the GUI Settings application of cBroker. All current settings from the old section will be automatically moved to new ones, considering the existence of the currency in the environment.

Flexible Recalculation of Accounts' Balance and Equity

No more recalculation every 10 seconds of Accounts' Balance and Equity in the footer without significant changes in the results..cBroker will only recalculate Accounts' Balance and Equity in the footer of the Accounts applications when: the application is opened, by Manager's direct request on UI, or by a timer that can be set by the Manager.


Some minor internal bugs have also been fixed in this release.