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Limassol, Cyprus - March 20th, 2017

Spotware Systems announce upcoming support for a new AMF Compliant Account type. This will be made available following the release of their next version of cServer.

cTrader is the first White Label trading platform to announce support for French clients in conjunction with the recent statement so far only issued in French language by the AMF. According to the statement brokers must offer a mandatory Guaranteed Stop Loss to their customers among other attributes which relate either to the technology offered or administrative and marketing efforts of the broker.

A unique attribute of cTrader’s implementation is that the Guaranteed Stop Loss will work in conjunction with the option to choose the trigger method of the GSL (trade side, opposite side, second trade side, second opposite side), extending the protection that is made available to traders.

“Speaking on behalf of the entire team at Spotware, we are proud to have reacted to introducing a critical feature even before any English statement was published by the French regulator or any other European regulator. In a matter of days this feature was in R&D. Thanks to our agile development approach we are now waiting to release the feature with the next compatible version of cServer according to our version control schedule.” James Glyde, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotware Systems.

cTrader is already well equipped with an extensive range of tooltips to help deliver the financial risks to traders before committing to any order.

“We are always looking to increase visibility of financial risks, with or without pushes from the ever changing regulatory landscape.” James Glyde, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotware Systems.

Notes to Media:

Spotware Systems is a neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive eFX & CFD STP white label solutions for brokers, banks and their clients. Spotware are best known for their flagship NDD and STP cTrader suite which is used by a number of the brokers in the industry.

Media Contact: marketing@spotware.com