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ECN and STP Pre/Post Trade Processing

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Spotware's solution for brokers and banks features extensive pre and post trade technologies for seamless STP integration, data extraction, and fast, reliable trading.

  • FIX integration
  • All data replicated on server
  • Client side GUIs


Spotware is entirely FIX supported, giving you direct FIX adapters to all major ECNs, LPs and aggregators.

Our STP solution provides complete integration with all market participants, enabling real-time data transfer between you, your clients and LPs, and automating processes at every possible stage for faster trading round-trips and post-trade confirmation via FIX.

Data Replication

cServer replicates all data sent and received, enabling the extraction of any information at any time. Trades can be extracted based on broker needs, and can then be provided to buy/sell side customers, making it easy for clients to request post trade data/info.

Client Side

Clients view, open and interact with their trades through two advanced, yet user-friendly GUIs, cTrader (for manual trading) and cAlgo (for algorithmic trading). Traders are equipped with superior trading interfaces which offer Level II Pricing, one click trading, advanced charts, and complete transaction history.