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Real-Time Margin Calculations

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Spotware's platforms, cAlgo and cTrader, automatically calculate margin in real-time for each trading account based on its open positions and limit orders. Margins are calculated for every open position or limit order on cServer.

  • Real-time margin calculation
  • Margin risked, margin level and free margin all viewable
  • Brokers can view margins for any trading account


Account and margin information is critical to traders looking to fine-tune trading and risk management strategies.

Margin levels are calculated for any currency pair in which they have equity invested, and then displayed to the trader along with balance, equity and profit and loss information at the bottom of the platform. 


Brokers have access all account margins in real-time through cBroker, our back-office system for brokers and banks, and can view total margin levels for all positions and orders on the server. Margins can also be filtered based on search results for accounts or trades.