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The cAggregator Suite is Spotware's state of the art, fully agnostic aggregation engine which allows you to aggregate an unlimited number of symbols and Liquidity Providers. As a broker you will have full control over which Liquidity Providers are administered into your cAggregator, making independent agreements free of restriction and influence. cAggregator is already integrated with 15+ Tier 1 banks; including J.P. Morgan, Barclays, UBS etc. cAggregator can be used alongside the cTrader Suite or with any other platform via FIX or Bridges.

cAggregator Trader

cAggregator Trader allows you to monitor open positions and trade from an easy to navigate and customizable interface. This Trading platform can be used by both yourself and your clients. Algorithmic traders can execute trades using FIX API. The cAggregator trader can be used by fund managers to access an unlimited number of instruments regardless of asset class.

cAggregator Admin

cAggregator Admin allows you to enable or disable liquidity feeds and symbols, view & manage exposure between books and amend spreads, all with immediate effect. cAggregator Admin is equipped with advanced real time reporting applications which can be exported to excel or third party applications.

FIX Outbound

cAggregator provides FIX outbound connectivity, meaning you can connect your cAggregator price feed to any and as many platforms as you wish allowing you to resell your aggregated price stream to your clients as a Prime Brokerage. The cAggregator price stream can also be fed into a bridge to allow connection to other platforms.

Order Sweeping

cAggregator uses a smart order sweeping algorithm which means orders aren't simply routed to the LP that can provide the required volume, orders will be filled by routing them to multiple LPs to acquire the best price.

Relationship Based

By using cAggregator you receive prices directly from your chosen LPs, knowing that no intermediates have marked up on your prices. You choose your own LPs, create relationships and make agreements directly with them, so you can guarantee your receiving reliable and affordable sources.

Shield your Spreads

During times of volatility you will have the best possible weapon, a deep pool of liquidity, smart price filtering functionality with dozens of adjustable variables for precise control and the ability to switch between LPs with immediate effect.


cAggregator is cross-connected with the worlds leading tier 1 banks and Liquidity Providers ensuring minimal latency. cAggregator is also collocated with cServer, the core of the cTrader Suite Platform as a Service.

Available without cTrader

cAggregator is available to any financial entity independent of the cTrader Suite. cAggregator is compatible with their existing solutions using FIX or a Bridge.

White Label

White Label your cAggregator Suite or advertise to prospective White Label clients of your other platforms that you use cAggregator and they can rest assured they too are receiving all the same benefits as you.


The cAggregator Suite is by far one of the most affordable aggregators available. Contact us today to see how much you can save.