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cMirror - Mirror Trading Platform

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cMirror is Spotware's brand new revolutionary mirror trading application.

By using cMirror, any trader can become a strategy provider, broadcast trading signals and charge commissions. Other traders (investors) can mirror the provided strategies and send orders in the same direction.

One Account

Traders can become a strategy providers or investors using any cTrader trading account.

Low Latency

Broker servers are co-hosted on the same physical machine, greatly reducing latency.

Fully Automated

Automatic opening and closing of Positions from the strategy provider's trading signals.

Risk Management

Advanced risk management settings when mirroring a strategy, including equity Stop Loss, volume percentage, mirroring direction, forcing Stop Loss and forcing a Take Profit per Position.

Full Control

Traders have real time control on starting or stopping the mirroring process and applying risk management.


Investors transparently see the strategy's trading history and open Positions.

Advanced Analytics

Strategy analytics include ROI charts, Balance & Equity chart and trading performance statistics.

White Labeled

cMirror is branded with your logo, company name, and splash screen.


cMirror is available in 16 different languages.

Current supported languages:
cMirror available in 16 languages (English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, German, Magyar, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Arabic)


In cMirror strategy providers decide how much to charge investors in USD per mil traded.

Color Themes

Dark and light color themes to match any trader's preferences.