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Satisfy the demand for DMA, STP and NDD with solutions from Spotware:

  • Significantly increase profitability through the agency model
  • Gain market share with new traders and more volumes
  • No conflict of interest setup boosts credibility 


Our comprehensive solution provides an exceptional e-FX environment to brokers and traders. Instantly scalable and easily integrated, our full package includes:

Manual trading platform offering a superior trading experience to the e-FX market with a user-friendly and feature rich interface.

cTrader Web
Web based version of cTrader, available on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Revolutionary algorithmic trading platform designed for developers coding in C# (C-Sharp) – immediately opening your platform to millions of developers already working within the .NET framework.

cMirror is a revolutionary Mirror trading application. By using cMirror, any Trader can become a strategy provider, broadcast their trading signals and charge commissions to their followers. Other Traders (investors) can mirror the provided strategies and send orders in the same direction as the strategy provider.

Broker automation application allowing brokers to manage every aspect of their service offering: multi-level pricing, flexible commission structures, symbols, ticket sizes, Liquidity, and much more.

Fully hosted back-end solution provided as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) – no need for expensive hosting or IT infrastructure.

Proxy Cloud
Solving last mile latency issues for end user and enabling sub-millisecond speeds for order execution.

Market Size

Spot FX is a USD $1.5 trillion space. Most other platforms are designed to cater for the retail 20% of the market.

Capture a larger share of the institutional 80% with cTrader– a trading platform perfectly suited to the needs of both market segments.


Fact: most of the top 10 retail brokers operate under the agency model, turning substantially more profit per million traded than competitors operating a market-maker broker.

  1. Risk books eliminated or partially moderated.
  2. Quantifiable, adjustable spread and commission revenue allow for accurate growth and revenue forecasts and detailed business planning.

Conflict of Interest

Aligning broker and client interests immediately boosts credibility and makes for a more marketable proposition to potential clients, differentiating you from the damaged market maker model and allowing you to advance customer retention strategies to the advantage of both your company and your clients.



Offload expensive costs of licensing, ownership, IT infrastructure, maintenance and additional staff. With no server side software or hardware to install, our PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution is instantly scalable, leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure (colocated with all major banks and liquidity providers) to deliver sub-millisecond latency to all LPs.


Integration API is available for all your back or front office systems, seamlessly automating your existing processes, including CRM, KYC, Accounting, MIS, Risk management and other procedures.

FIX API in/out adapters for all major LPs also available.

Fast FIX API Delivery

Providing your customers with a trading API can be done in milliseconds via our Integration API,in seconds using cBroker.


Plug your executable liquidity streams into cServer, with adapters to all major Prime Brokers and Liquidity Providers available for you to distribute liquidity according to your requirements.

Distribute liquidity over cTrader and cAlgo and / or instantaneously provide your customers with FIX API.

Algorithmic Traders

cAlgo introduces a cutting-edge automated trading space. Algorithmic development with cAlgo is easier, faster and inexpensive. cAlgo outperforms the competition in strategy optimization, currently a major pain-point for the industry.

Algorithms are written in C#(C-Sharp), as opposed to platform specific programming languages, making your platform immediately accessible to millions of developers already working within the .NET framework.

White Labels

White Labels are effective for leveraging partner relations to expand your market reach and acquire new market share.

White Labels: Easily extend your solution to White Labels without surrendering control of your back end. White labels are serviced through your cServer and can be easily divided and sorted into cBroker groups.

Our solution is fully adaptive to the needs of your partners, with flexibility for White Labels to quote from different liquidity providers.


As traders grow in sophistication and discernment, market makers are struggling to convince over issues of trust and transparency.

Instantly boost your credibility and marketing leverage with STP, NDD and DMA – major differentiators currently helping FX heavyweights dominate market share. The opportunity is now open to all brokers of all sizes – grow at scale with the market advantage offered by Spotware.

Branded Experience

Increase brand recognition and awareness by applying your own brand to our manual and algorithmic trading platforms.