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Quote your customers with confidence. Spotware offers superior execution speeds and instant confirmations:

  • Offer the Spotware product suite to your clients
  • Create accounts for your branches and/or trading desks with custom limits
  • Leverage our technology to execute your single-bank or aggregated liquidity at superior speeds, ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction


Spotware systems offer comprehensive solutions to Buy Side Banks.

Our full package includes:

Manual trading platform offering a superior trading experience to the e-FX market in a user-friendly, secure and fast environment.

cTrader Web
Web based version of cTrader, available on desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Revolutionary algorithmic trading platform designed for developers coding in C# (C-Sharp) – immediately opening your platform to millions of developers already working within the .NET framework.

Broker automation application allowing brokers to manage every aspect of their service offering: multi-level pricing, markups, flexible commission structures, symbols, ticket sizes, Liquidity, and much more.

Fully hosted back-end solution provided as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) – no need for expensive hosting or IT infrastructure.

Proxy Cloud
Solving last mile latency issues for end users and enabling sub-millisecond speeds for lightning-fast order execution.

Physical Delivery Dealing

Price and distribute to your own trading desks and branches with the ability to have multiple liquidity streams based on your needs.

Quote your customers’ physical delivery orders with confidence through minimal latency and excellent execution technology for all order sizes.

Brokerage Service

Enhance your current market offering by providing Margin Spot FX brokerage services.

cTrader and cAlgo are ideal for manual and algorithmic traders, as well as institutions and professionals trading via FIX API.

Increased Distribution

Spotware's systems are colocated with major banks, LPs and ECNs, allowing your end users to experience identical execution speeds. Our highly developed technology gives you a new level of control over liquidity, symbols, taker accounts, account groups, limits, kill switches, execution rules and reporting.

Single-bank and Aggregate Liquidity

Whether you are distributing your own liquidity or acting as an agency, Spotware's delivery channels enable fast and stress-free trading for end users.


Offload expensive costs of licensing, ownership, IT infrastructure, maintenance and additional staff. With no server side software or hardware to install, our PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution is easily-integrated and instantly scalable, leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure (collocated with all major banks and liquidity providers) to deliver sub-millisecond latency.

We take on integration responsibility almost entirely, leaving you to handle the important task of customizing your service offering from the back end.