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Asset / Hedge Fund Managers

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Spotware’s unique currency trading solutions offer hedge fund managers and asset managers complete control over the trading process, giving access to full market depth while executing orders in sub-millisecond times.

Multiple Accounts

Quickly switch between multiple accounts in 2 clicks, or open as many platform instances as you need with different login credentials.

Ultra-Low Latency

Standard order executions in under one millisecond, even in volatile market conditions, enabled by our world-class infrastructure and data-centers colocated with major financial institutions.

Full Market Depth

Access to full market depth, with a transparent list of available prices and the existing liquidity for each.

No Risk of Interference

No matter who your service provider, Spotware guarantees no risk of trade interference or price manipulation, giving you the freedom to concentrate on what's important - high yields trading.

Spotware’s flawless liquidity allocation and distribution, and swift transaction processes guarantee asset managers and hedge fund managers a better chance of success for all currency exchange transactions.

Learn more about how our manual trading and algorithmic trading platforms can help you achieve results.