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Institutional Investors

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Spotware’s large-scale solutions are ideal for corporate and institutional investors looking for a robust currency trading solution with ultra-low latency, high-availability and security.

Our trading platforms deliver lightning-fast order execution, transparent level II pricing for deep view liquidity streams, advanced charting tools and comprehensive algorithmic trading support.

Ultra-Low Latency

When dealing in currency exchange, fast access to prices and liquidity can make all the difference to your bottom line profit & loss.

Our IT infrastructure, and data-centers colocated with major banks, liquidity providers and aggregators, enable sub-millisecond execution speeds and real-time price and liquidity views.

FIX Protocol Supported

Spotware platforms are entirely FIX supported, allowing for complete STP integration with all market participants.

Algorithmic Trading

Our algorithmic trading platform, cAlgo, gives institutional investors the ability to build algorithmic trading strategies with the use of trading cBots and custom technical indicators, coded inC#. Learn more.