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ECN for Individual Traders

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Spotware's trading platforms introduce sophisticated functionality for STP currency trading, giving you the same advantages enjoyed by financial institutions and corporations.

STP, NDD, DMA – Superior FX Trading

Direct Market Access and Straight-Through Processing guarantee a faster, safer, and more dependable trading environment.

Your orders are routed directly to liquidity takers in sub-millisecond times, with no requotes or delayed execution, and no dealing desk intervention..

You receive executable price streams with deep, transparent liquidity, and a setup which eliminates all broker-trader conflict of interest.

Depth of Market

Level II currency rates offer complete transparency by showing you real-time bid and ask rates and displaying the amount of liquidity available for each. This insight into market depth can also be critical when determining your price projection forecasts.

Aligning Interests

No conflict of interest and no risk of trade interference or rate manipulation from your broker. We make that impossible, freeing you from anxiety and giving you the peace of mind you need to achieve results.

Fast Order Execution

Slow order fills and high-latency platform issues can have a disastrous impact on your bottom line profit & loss.

Spotware's trading solutions enable standard order executions in under one millisecond, and makes market entry effortless with one or double-click trading available directly from your charts.


Chartshots and Chatcasts allow you to instantly share a snapshot or live stream of your chart from your own unique URL, or have them embedded in your blog or website.

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Take your trading into your own hands and position yourself for success with fast, reliable and robust software which gives you an advantage every step of the way.

For more information on how cTrader helps individual traders achieve the same level of success as major institutions, visit our cTrader platform page.