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Create Custom Trading Robots and Indicators

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cAlgo delivers powerful, fast and reliable automated trading in an easy to use, coding-friendly environment for developing and testing your own cBots and custom indicators.

  • cAlgo is a real STP Foreign Exchange automated trading platform
  • Build cBots for algorithmic trading
  • Custom indicators for use in manual or algorithmic trading
  • Advanced, dedicated developer community¬†

Build cBots

Build cBots using C# and leverage the power of the .NET framework, using the cAlgo editor or Visual Studio to develop your own code.

Our direct access trading environment, the only one of its kind available to the e-FX market, immediately gives you an advantage by delivering lightning-fast order execution - ensuring all entries, exits and order modifications are carried out sin sub-millisecond times.

Custom Indicators

Leverage the full power of technical analysis trading by creating your own custom indicators for trade entry and exit signals and price action forecasts.

For use in algorithmic trading with cAlgo, or manual trading with cTrader, technical analysis traders will find no limitations when building customer indicators, which can reference default built-in indicators, other custom indicators, and can be referenced by your cAlgo cBots for automated signal execution.


The cTrader Developer's Network is an advanced, dedicated community for cTrader and cAlgo users to download, share and discuss cBots and indicators.

cTDN is your first point of call if you are looking for cBot and indicator collaboration or a discussion on foreign exchange trading and the latest e-FX developments.