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Spotware Expand their Technology Offering by Implementing Infrastructure within Mainland China and the Option to Host their cTrader PaaS Solution from Equinix Hong Kong HK1

Spotware Systems announce the expansion of their technology infrastructure to support brokers offering the cTrader Suite to traders in China. Spotware have created a new technology package, which includes a completely new build of the cTrader Suite using a custom Chinese GUI, which launches in Mandarin by default and includes all of the same added value features as the existing cTrader Suite that everyone knows and loves, except with some minor modifications to combat difficulties caused by China's Great Firewall and the blockage of common internet services used by cTrader ID sign-in automation, such as Google & Facebook. Now all cTrader Brokers can take full advantage of this new and lucrative opportunity without compromising any of the added value services Spotware proudly offer to Traders throughout the rest of the world.

"Now Traders in China will face no difficulty in accessing cTrader on any screen or device, cMirror, cAlgo and our many added value services which we continue to develop to complement our already feature rich product suite. All seven trading applications function flawlessly. Our comprehensive solution has been crafted to allow our clients to expand their business with ease, we urge all brokers to contact us to learn more about our solutions."

Spotware have deployed the same highest specification cloud based solution which forms their product cServer. cServer is used to host the cTrader Suite and was only available from Equinix from London, until recently. cServer is now available in Equinix Hong Kong and New York. Brokers may decide to add the cTrader China Package from any of those locations.

Additionally, Spotware have implemented Proxy Cloud infrastructure geographically distributed throughout China and around PRC, the purpose of this is to correct last-mile connectivity, latency and download issues, allowing Traders to receive the same lightning fast execution and unmatched user experience from each and every province in China while allowing brokers to continue operating their cTrader Suite from their existing cServer environment and Live cBroker application.

Spotware utilize local Chinese Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) to correct all download issues as well as use local DNS servers to overcome DNS resolving issues for its web-based platforms. All brokers new cTrader applications will be hosted using a .cn top level domain and will essentially duplicate the number of trading platforms.

"This was a very complex task which took over one year of research and testing. It is a great relief that now we can finally start letting our clients benefit from this totally unique solution. This marks an important milestone in the development of our global presence"

Notes to media:

About Spotware:
Spotware Systems is a neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive eFX STP solutions for brokers, banks and their clients. Spotware are best known for their flagship NDD and STP trading suite, cTrader, and its companion algorithmic trading platform, cAlgo. The company recently released its own mirror trading platform, cMirror. Spotware provides an easily integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to brokers, banks, and other financial services firms looking to implement and offer manual, algorithmic and mirror NDD eFX & CFD trading with a complete backend management system.

Contact: James Glyde, Head of Business Development
email: jglyde@spotware.com


Lots / Units Switch

You can select if you want to trade using Lots or units for each symbol using the Lots selector in MarketWatch.
Lots - i.e. 3 Lots of EURUSD
Units - i.e. 300k of EURUSD

Lots / Units Switch

Cloud Accounts

Trading accounts are automatically stored in the cloud, after logging into your cTrader ID. No need to remember account numbers or passwords anymore. A cloud icon indicates cloud-stored accounts.

Cloud Accounts

Chart Background Image

You can choose to use a custom image for the chart's background. You can find an image on the web or upload an image from your hard drive.

Chart Background Image

Color Picker

cTrader's new custom color picker lets you select a color from the new color pallet.

Color Picker

Single Sign on

Signing into cTrader ID now signs the user into all Spotware products running on that machine.

Single Sign on

Three Symbol States in MarketWatch

A new state when the symbol is expanded but the depth of market is hidden has been added.

Three Symbol States in MarketWatch

Drag Pending Orders from QT Buttons

Drag Pending Orders from QT Buttons. You can now drag and drop pending order handles located below the chart's QuickTrade buttons, into the chart to create pending orders.

Drag Pending Orders from QT Buttons


cTrader Wins Best Fx Platform 2015

cTrader has won Best FX Platform 2015 by Forex Bonus Lab, the full article which explains why cTrader has been awarded this title and what Forex Bonus Lab readers like most about cTrader. Forex Bonus Lab reached out to Spotware in order to request more information on cTader's current issues and upcoming events. Below you read through an interview with James Glyde, Business Development Manager at Spotware Systems.
Read the full article here

cTrader Review

Forex Bonus Labs have already released a very detailed review of the benefits which are offered from the cTrader Suite.

cTrader is one of the freshest platforms on the market. This is quite a successful platform designed for institutional trading. Detailed cTrader review has shown that this platform is designed with a great mind. cTrader has outstanding charting capabilities, a number of graphical objects and lightning fast order execution. While cTrader doesn't support MQL EAs, it accepts c# code. There are more and more brokers offering cTrader now, so check out this cTrader review to find out more about the platform.
Read the full article here


Spotware Systems Ltd is thrilled to announce today that its highly anticipated mirror-trading platform "cMirror" has now gone live.

For the past year, traders around the world were only capable of using the platform in demo mode as it was thoroughly tested by engineers to ensure the product meets expectation. "I can't thank our dedicated users and my team enough" adds Alex Katsaros, Product manager for cMirror

"The feedback we got from our demo users really helped define this product into what we strongly believe is the best mirror-trading platform out there. Anyone with a cTrader account can now use cMirror to become a Signal Provider and profit from other traders that follow their signal, or simply choose and follow successful Signal Providers from a comprehensive list of strategies, sorted by profitability and other important variables. Users also have many tools at their disposal to deploy advanced risk management when mirroring a strategy, along with complete control over when to start and when to stop following a Signal Provider."

Mr.Katsaros concluded: "All cTrader-enabled brokers are co-hosted on Spotware's IBM cloud in Equinix, this allows cMirror to perform with the same ultra-fast execution speeds and low latencies that have become the staple of our cTrader Suite. It also allows cTrader users from different brokers to mirror or provide signals to each other."

cMirror is a major addition to the cTrader Suite and a product that the company envisioned a long time ago. cMirror is supplied to all clients at no additional cost for banks and brokers.

Mr. Ilya Holeu, Managing Director at Spotware Systems stated:
"This was a daunting task from the beginning but our teams stringly believed in it from the get-go. cMirror adds another angle to our product suite, expanding our range of products into areas that are in-demand from traders around the world today.
Mirror-trading is one of those key areas and cMirror is hands down the most feature-equipped platform out there with unmatched risk management, low-latency execution, analytics and above all, east of use."

Spotware Systens will continue to introduce new products and functionality to its award-winning product suite with a slew of new features and updates scheduled for release within the year.

Notes to media:

About Spotware:
Spotware Systems is a neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive eFX STP solutions for brokers, banks and their clients. Spotware are best known for their flagship NDD and STP trading suite, cTrader, and its companion algorithmic trading platform, cAlgo. The company recently released its own mirror trading platform, cMirror. Spotware providers an easily integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to broker-dealers, banks, and other financial services firms looking to implement and offer manual and algorithmic NDD eFX tradingwith a complete backend management system.

Contact: James Glyde, Head of Business Development
email: jglyde@spotware.com


Limassol, CY, Jan 27th 2015, Spotware Systems announced today that it has integrated Autochartist into its cTrader Suite, the award winning, mutliasset trading solution.

Autochartist looks at the current state of the market and through complex technical analysis tries to spot patterns that emerge. It then displays these patterns back to the user in an organized and accessible manner.

Alexander Chauzov, product manager at cTrader stated:
Once a broker signs up with with Autochartist, our users then have the ability to see a variety of projected patterns, be it chart patterns, fibonacci patterns or key levels. All these are organized by currency pair, direction, type of pattern and by a very helpful quality ranking system, which helps the user navigate through the plethora of analysis autochartist provides.

Mr. Chauzov concluded:
Autochartist, the most popular technical analysis tool out there is one of those additions we really enjoyed implementing as we understood immediately the importance it has for both our product and our users. This is an addition aimed towards the trader and it's another testament to our dedication of bringing amazing features and technology to our products that put the trader first.

Ilan Azbel, CEO of Autochartist added:
"cTrader are creating a new standard in the industry with their lightning fast execution times, a very impressive Depth of Market tool and many more trader friendly features and I believe Autochartist adds significant value to cTrader by providing objective, timely and accurate analysis that equips cTrader users to make educated trading decisions.

Spotware Systems will continue to add features to its award winning suite that benefit both brokers and traders.



Limassol, CY, Dec 8th 2014, Spotware Systems announced it has expanded the range of markets for its award winning trading platform cTrader with the addition of CFDs on Equities.

cTrader brokers can now choose to offer their investors access to more than 10,000 of the most popular stocks.

Alexander Strelnikov, product manager at cTrader said:
"We always envisioned the cTrader Suite as a multi-asset, one-stop solution offering multiple investment opportunities to its users. With the recent additions of CFDs on indices, commodities and now equities, we're one large step closer to that goal."

Mr.Strelnikov added: "The cTrader suite now has no limitations on number of instruments, number of groups and no limitation on number of price streams."

Spotware Systems is dedicated to enhancing and expanding its product line, constantly offering marketable features to its new and existing brokers.


This new feature prioritizes freeing up margin over position profit and loss.

Alexander Strelnikov, a Product Manager at Spotware, explained: "cTrader's new stop-out method protects trader margins and increases the lifespan of a trader's balance. The rudimentary process used by some other outdated platforms is to liquidate positions once stop-out levels are reached starting with the most unprofitable position. Unfortunately this method works against traders when they are at risk of having their balance wiped out.

Our new stop-out algorithm closes positions in descending order of margin used, so that as each position is closed, traders have a better chance at securing what they can from their remaining deals. Stop-outs are never a pleasant occurrence for the trader, but the least we can do is ensure they have maximum chances of recovery."

The stop-out feature is one of the many trader-centric features we have introduced to cTrader over the years. It encompasses our entire company philosophy, to put the trader first.

cTrader logo


Detach TradeWatch tabs

You can detach TradeWatch tabs, so as to see their content in a new window by dragging them out of TradeWatch.

Detach TradeWatch tabs


Now you can use Optimization for determining the best parameters to use in your cBot. Right click on a cBot in cBots tab and choose "Optimize". Find more information.


Equity Cloud

You can see the account's previous minimum and maximum equity along with balance in the performance tab.

Equity Cloud

Load and Save Parameters

We have added an ability to load and save cBot parameters.

Load and Save Parameters

Risk Alert notification

Get notified when you place a Take Profit on your Position without placing a Stop Loss.

Load and Save Parameters

Reverse / Double / Advanced Protection buttons in Position Line

You can now use the Reverse, Double and Advanced Protection buttons inside a chart. You can find the buttons in an expanded position line.

Reverse / Double / Advanced Protection buttons in Position Line

New Order Buttons

You can now find new, conveniently placed, orders buttons in MarketWatch and TradeWatch.

New Order Buttons

Context menu to open new chart in TradeWatch

You can right click a Position / Order or History line and find the option to open a new chart.

Context menu to open new chart in TradeWatch

Advanced Protection button in i-windows

You can find an Advanced Protection button, inside the Position's information window.

Advanced Protection button in i-windows



Now you can use Optimization tab for determining the best parameters to use in your cBot. Two optimization methods are available: Grid that simply backtests each possible set of parameters and Genetic Algorithm that finds the optimal parameters faster. Find more information.


Load and Save Parameters

We have added an ability to load and save cBot parameters.

Load and Save Parameters


Bright cTrader

You can now switch to a bright coloured theme of cTrader, using the dark/bright switch in cTrader Preferences menu.

Bright cTrader

New Time Frames

You will now find all the Time Frames that you will ever need. We added m6, m7, m8, m9, m45, 2h, 3h, 6h, 8h, D2 and D3.

New Time Frames


cTrader now saves your Workspaces in the cloud. When logged in with your cTrader ID, your workspace will be automatically saved and restored on your next login from any device. You can save an unlimited number of workspaces.


Trade Statistics

You can find new trading statistics like "Max Drawdown" and "Profit Factor" if you scroll down the performance tab located in TradeWatch.

Trade Statistics

Modify Volume of Pending Orders

You can now modify the Volume of your Pending Orders (Limit and Stop Orders).

Modify Volume of Pending Orders

Tick data backtesting for cAlgo

"Tick data from Server" has been added to the list of available data modes in backtesting. Now you can test your cBots with historical spreads. Furthermore, in tick data backtesting Bid and Ask prices come asynchronously with millisecond precision.

Tick data for backtesting


Timer API

If your strategy requires to perform some actions more often than OnTick happens, you may want to use Timer. Specify Interval in Timer.Start method and put your code to the OnTimer method.

Timer API

Equity extremums

Extremum points have been added to the Equity line in Backtesting. Now you can see the exact value of Equity Drawdown.

Equity extremums

Refresh Data

Between invocations of user's handlers cAlgo automatically updates MarketSeries, Positions, Pending Orders, etc. If your algorithm performs long computations, you may want to refresh data explicitly. Now you can do it by executing RefreshData() method.

Refresh Data

GAC References

We have added ".NET Framework" tab to the Reference Manager. Now you can reference assemblies from Global Assembly Cache.

GAC References

New Account properties

Properties Account.Number and Account.BrokerName have been added to the Account object.

New Account properties

cTrader ID

cTrader ID stores all your cTrader Trading accounts and gives you access to Mirror trading in addition to other features like Email Alerts and Cloud Workspaces. Sign Up for free. cTrader ID is not a trading Account.

 cTrader ID

Email Alerts

You can now receive Email alerts for various events, like a pending Order that has been Filled. Emails will be sent to the Email account you used when registering your cTrader ID

Email Alerts


Spotware Systems, developers of the spot FX trading platform cTrader, today announced new integration of its algorithmic trading platform cAlgo, with Visual Studio.

Visual studio

cAlgo® is used to develop trading robots in C-sharp for round-the-clock automatic analysis and execution, and is also used to create custom technical analysis indicators. Visual Studio® and cAlgo® integration means developers can now take advantage of Visual Studio's many convenient features, and can apply changes directly to cAlgo from Visual Studio.

Ilya Holeu, Head of Sales at Spotware, says, "This new update will go a long way towards faster, more efficient and more intelligent coding of robots and indicators. This just opens up a world of possibilities for developers and users of our software."

Visual Studio's many excellent code-editor features include:

  • Snippets: Blocks of reusable code that can be quickly inserted by developers when and where required.
  • IntelliSense: Helps users significantly speed up the coding process by providing quickly accessible auto-complete functionality for repetitive statements.
  • Collapsible code sections: Improves efficiency by helping developers organize and manage chunks of source.

Spotware are also encouraging users to take advantage of Visual Studio's advanced debugging tools, such as:

  • Data tips: Hovering over a variable in the source-editor window reveals its value.
  • Variable Windows: Allow users to view, evaluate and edit variables on the fly. Variable Windows include 'Locals', 'Autos', 'Watch' and 'QuickWatch'
  • Advanced Breakpoints: Lets users break debugger execution based on Hit Counts, Call-Stack functions and Conditions.
  • Call Stack and Code Map: Users can visually trace the call-stack whilst debugging.

cAlgo Product Manager, Sergey Borisov, is confident of the positive effect the integration will have on users of the product: "This release is really going to speed things up for our coders and ensure maximum efficiency, minimal errors, and excellent coding capabilities," says Borisov. "We've worked hard to provide a good editor in the cAlgo platform, but Microsoft® Visual Studio is the number one tool for developers of .NET languages today, and the power of some of its functionality is unparalleled. We really hope this will take what's possible on cAlgo to the next level.


cTrader Intro Video

We have new additions on cTrader Video tab the "cTrader Introduction" video and the "Learn to Trade Forex series". Click on tabs to select what to watch. You can use YouTube subtitles to see the videos in your language.

cTrader Intro Video

Integration with Visual Studio

Now cAlgo is not the only way to edit your cBots and custom indicators. In Microsoft Visual Studio you can edit, build and debug your cBots and custom indicators. Use your favorite tool to develop your trading strategies.

Integration with Visual Studio


In the new Links menu located in cTrader Preferences you will find all the Links you need related to cTrader, specifically our other applications, cTDN, our Social Media, our Widgets and Partners.



Performance Tab

Now you can analyse your historical trades using Performance tab. Mouse over balance line to get information about Balance and Drawdown. Click on balance line to navigate to the corresponding deal.

Performance Tab

Historical trades access

Now it is possible to retrieve the historical trades from cBot or Indicator. The History collection contains the same items as History tab in cTrader.

Historical trades access

Tick Charts

Tick Charts are now available. You can view either a 1-tick chart or an aggregated tick chart of up to 55 ticks. Tick charts can be used with any chart type and any indicator.

Tick Charts

Advanced Take Profit

You can now set up to 4 Take Profit levels for a position. Each take profit level can be set to close a part of the position's volume.

Dot Charts

New Chart Type: Dot Charts

Dot Charts plot a round dot at the close price of the time period.

Dot Charts

New Timeframes

We have included two new timeframes in cTrader, m6 (6 minutes) and m20 (20 minutes).

New Timeframes

Run cBots in cTrader

Now you can run cBots in cTrader. Just drag the cBot from the cBots tab located in Market Watch to one of your charts, configure your parameters and press play

cBots in cTrader


(El Segundo, CA) - April 8, 2014 - Manhattan Beach Trading Financial Services, Inc. and MB Trading FX (collectively referred to as "MB Trading"), a technology-driven, low-commission brokerage specializing in order routing in Forex, Equities, Futures, and Options through various global exchanges and electronic networks, announced today that it has become the first US Forex broker to offer Spotware's cTrader trading platform for Forex customers. The platform is now available for Demo and Live trading via www.mbtrading.com.

"MB Trading has always been interested in offering the latest platforms for traders," explains Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading. "We are impressed with the growth of cTrader in Europe and Asia and found the refined interface, efficient charting, and outstanding algorithmic trading language to be an exciting FOREX technology asset. We are thrilled to be the first US broker to offer this new platform and encourage both manual and script-based Forex traders to compare it to their current platform. MB Trading, is pleased to be partnered with Spotware and will continue to implement deeper and tighter integration with our trading systems."

cTrader's state-of-the-art platform suite includes the world's first HTML 5 interface that uses the latest web technologies to offer a crisp and speedy look and feel. The platform includes ladder trading, 1-click trading, and simple trading from the charts. In addition, cTrader offers apps for iOS and Android and is complemented by the cAlgo platform, which lets Forex traders write automated trading robots that can monitor the markets and execute trades round the clock without trader intervention.

"We're very excited to integrate with MB Trading in particular," says Andrey Pavlov, CEO of Spotware. "MB Trading has a long history of developing new technologies for execution in all markets, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. The cTrader platform has grown more and more robust in the last year, and we look to offer it globally to help traders move away from other more dated platforms."

About MB Trading:
MB Trading, IB member FINRA, SIPC; MB Trading Futures, Inc. RFED/IB and member NFA.Trading in stocks, futures, options, and Forex is speculative in nature and not appropriate for all investors. Investors should only use risk capital when trading futures, options and Forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss. Account access, trade executions and system response may be adversely affected by market conditions, quote delays, system performance and other factors.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Contacts: All inquiries can be directed to: David Lipsett - d.lipsett@mbtrading.com


Spotware Systems have today announced the release of tick charts to their flagship NDD spot-trading platforms, cTrader and cAlgo.

While conventional time-based charts plot a new bar or point according to a time-period value, tick-charts create the new bar after a set number of price ticks.

Spotware have said that the release coincides with a surge in demand for tick charts from the cTrader user base.

Alex Katsaros, product manager for cTrader, explained, "This introduction of tick charts to cTrader will let traders scalp the markets at the highest possible level, which is unimaginable for users of competing platforms that don't support tick charts. And we've not only opened the door to new trading and analysis opportunities, but responded to one of the most popular feature requests we've had in the last few months.

"We use trader feedback and market demand to define our development priorities, so we're excited to finally deliver this highly requested feature."

Katsaros also stressed that the new feature can be used with any of cTrader's 4 chart types, saying "Tick charts can be applied to candlesticks, bar charts, line charts, and the newly released dot-chart."

Often used by technical traders due to their demonstrable correlation with market liquidity, tick charts have also been released to cAlgo, Spotware's algorithmic trading platform.

Sergey Borisov, technical lead for cAlgo, was enthusiastic about its potential impact: "By being able to use tick charts as a periodicity parameter, we're letting algo traders take time out of the equation when creating their strategies, and instead use market volatility and inferred liquidity levels as a base for their code. In the future, we also want to allow our users to reference both tick and price data from a single trading robot."

Tick charts in cTrader and cAlgo can be set to draw a new bar at every tick or to display an aggregated view of up to 55 ticks for each bar.

For further information, please contact:

Simon Bolvig
Spotware Systems Ltd
Tel: +45 8851 0093
Email: simon@spotware.com


Spotware Systems, developer of the popular FX and commodities trading platforms cTrader and cAlgo, today announced that brokers who offer its product suite to clients can now manage netted and hedged accounts within a single environment.

Ilya Holeu, Head of Sales at Spotware, says the financial technology firm has disproved the popular notion that cross-policy support within a single environment was unworkable: "Industry leaders had explicitly stated that this was too complex a proposition to be considered. But our solution has managed to be the first to deliver this hugely useful capability.

"Brokers who serve clients in disparate regulatory regions can now do so without the hassle or expense of managing two or more environments."

The changes won't affect interface or functionality, with the platforms retaining all execution capabilities and advanced features.

As the entire product suite is delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service, hedged and netted accounts can also be made available to users of cAlgo, Spotware's algorithmic trading platform, the web and mobile versions of cTrader, and the upcoming mirror-trading platform, cMirror.

netted and hedged


cTrader, the STP trading platform from Spotware Systems, has received a major overhaul of the way trades are displayed in the application. The overall level of transparency has been greatly enhanced with a full breakdown of positions into orders (trade requests from traders to the LP) and deals (LP execution reports).

The new structure will also be available on cAlgo, Spotware's algorithmic trading platform, and cTrader Web (cTrader's twin HTML5 platform).

Alex Katsaros, who heads the cTrader development team, explained "This kind of position breakdown is a great way for users to see exactly what's happening with each trade, from opening click to closed position."

New 'information windows' provide traders an exhaustive set of all details relating to individual positions, orders and deals. These details include exact matching times, fill times, and fill rates, while 'timelines' at the bottom of the window show all related trading events in order of when they occurred.

Market Snapshots are also shown for every deal. These snapshots give users a precise view of market pricing and liquidity at the exact time of execution, helping them to understand why a deal was filled at the price it was, or why it may have been partially filled.

Katsaros heralded the latest release as yet another step towards building trust between all counterparties. "This kind of itemization and depth of information for each trade isn't available on any other FX platform. We've added another milestone in our commitment to extreme transparency, which we believe benefits not only traders, but brokers as well. Of course, the principle is far from exclusive to financial trading - businesses all over the world are raising their efforts to be more transparent because they've seen how well it benefits all parties.

"We can't wait for traders to finally get this quite fascinating view of their own trading, and we look forward, as ever, to lots of feedback."

extreme transparency


Our latest release includes new features that create a level of transparency unrivalled by any other platform.

Reverse and Double

New Quicktrade buttons are available from the Positions tab. With a single click, you can now double your position volume (100k Buy will become 200k Buy) or reverse your position (100k Sell will become 100k Buy).


Positions Tab
The new positions tab gives you extra options and more information to help you manage your positions.

There's a counter on the tab to show you the number of currently open positions, a search field and dropdown menus to help you filter your positions list, and new columns with additional information about each position.


Orders Tab
The new orders tab shows a counter on the tab of how many orders are currently trading, and a new search field and dropdown menus to help you filter your orders list.

There are also new columns that show you additional information on each order.


History Tab
The new history tab shows you complete, detailed history of every deal (every executed trade).

You can use search filters to find the deals you want to see, and open each deal in a new window to see detailed information.


Transactions Tab
The Transactions tab shows you a history of all your deposits and withdrawals.


Position Info-Window
Click the 'i' button or double click on a position to bring up the Position Window.

Information in this window includes the position's profit and loss, execution times, execution rates, swaps, commissions, and all events relating to the position.


Order Info-Window
Click the 'i' button or double click on an order to bring up the Order Window.

Information in this window includes price, volumes filled, times, initial take profit and stop loss, executed take profit and stop loss, related positions, expiry dates, total deals used to cover your order, and all events relating to the order.


Deal Info-Window
Click the 'i' button or double click on a deal to bring up the Deal Window.

Information in this window includes price, volumes filled, related orders, relations positions, execution times, profit and loss, swaps, commissions, and a Market Snapshot, which shows you the exact pricing and liquidity available at the instance your order was executed.


Position Event Timeline
The position timeline shows you all events relating to the position in sequence. You can see which orders were sent by the position, which deals were executed for the position, new status of the position as each order and deal comes through, charged swaps and commissions, and details for all stop and loss take profits that are hit or modified.

You can also click on events to open more details in a new window.


Order Event Timeline
The Order Timeline shows you all events relating to an order in sequence. You'll see the position that requested the order, every match made with the liquidity providers for your order, the deals that were executed through the order, and all order modifications.

You can also click on events to open more details in a new window.


Deal Market Snapshot
The deal snapshot shows you a precise list of the prices and liquidity that were available at the exact moment your deal was filled, partially filled, rejected, missed, or encountered an error.

This transparent view helps you make sure you are always being executed at the best available price, and to see why rejections may have occurred.


Spotware Systems is now a fully integrated partner of BeeksFX, the VPS service for traders and trading applications.
Users of our algorithmic trading platform, cAlgo, have the most to gain from the partnership; BeeksFX customers will gain reliable 24 hour connectivity, so that cAlgo robots can execute their algorithms at all times, even if the user computer or internet connection are off. Users will also benefit from excellent latency times between the VPS and broker.
BeeksFX can also be used to run cTrader.
For a BeeksFX VPS account, go to http://www.beeksfx.com.


cTrader has won ‘Best Retail Platform 2013’ at the FX Week e-FX awards in New York.

The award recognizes industry excellence in foreign exchange from banks and vendors annually. The FX Week panel concluded that cTrader, Spotware’s flagship NDD trading platform, merited recognition as best retail platform.  

“The winner of this year's retail platform award, Spotware Systems' cTrader, has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011 and is now widely acknowledged to have become a credible alternative to MT4. The platform has added more than 40 participating brokers over the past year as retail traders have welcomed the addition of a new entrant.”

Read the full story here



Spotware Systems, developers of the FX platforms cTrader and cAlgo, have released details about their upcoming open API called Spotware Connect. The project will help third-party application developers easily build their own cTrader systems, and integrate existing FX related products into the cTrader platform.

Brian Martin, Vice President EMEA at Spotware Systems,  said that the open API will allow for the creation and access of API capabilities as they are added. "We know that, just like any other software business, we need to be open to third-party integrations. There will be certain times at which users may want extra platform or analytic functionality, and Spotware Connect is about putting that power in their hands.

"We had 3 main principles in mind when we started this project. The first was that it should be open to absolutely everybody. You don't need to be a customer of a broker or anything like that. Secondly, we've made it extremely simple to start using, as we want to encourage people to really get going with this."

Finally, says Mr. Martin, once you do get going, Spotware Connect is relatively simple for even novices to grasp. "That was the point really, to make it as simple and user-friendly as a third-party developer application can be."

FX platforms and third party plugins have been making FX news recently, with platform developers and third party technology providers often in disagreement over the legality of plugins and platform modifications.

Stefanos Economides at Spotware Systems said that the company wanted to avoid such misunderstandings. "Our terms of service will as open as possible to encourage use. The important emphasis we want to place on this is that for the first time, a genuine direct-access FX platform will be opened up to creativity, experimentation and new possibilities for the people who care most about FX trading."


Spotware Systems Ltd, developers of the cTrader and cAlgo platforms, have won their claim to six domain names after a ruling by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The decision found in favour of Spotware's case that the domains made unlawful use of the company's trademark.

Acting on behalf of cTrader, London based solicitors Silverman Sherliker LLP issued the complaint to WIPO in December 2013 after finding that the domains in question were being used to publish sites that were identical to the official cTrader website (spotware.com), and were clearly intended to profit unlawfully from Spotware's globally respected brand.

In a four page ruling by WIPO, the body found satisfactory evidence that the domains (ctraderafrica.com, ctraderasia.com, ctradereurope.com, ctraderindonesia.com and ctraderinternational.com) did in fact impinge on cTrader's intellectual property.

Speaking after the ruling by WIPO, Mr. Collins of Silverman Sherliker LLP said, "We are satisfied with the WIPO decision that clearly upholds current intellectual property rights, and are glad that our client, cTrader, can now begin to rectify the consequences of these unlawful and intentionally deceitful actions."

Ilya Holeu, the Managing Director at Spotware Systems, was glad the matter had been put to rest: "We are aware that these sorts of trademark infringements happen all the time to other market participants as well - bank, brokers and other tech providers. We hope we have shown a good example of how to fight back without paying a thing to the bullying party that seeks to extort companies like ours.

"This case was as clear as day, and we're happy that the case has been settled. We only hope that there was no confusion or damage caused to anybody unfortunate enough to have been taken in by these impostor sites. Currently, our only legitimate website for Spotware products like cTrader and cAlgo is www.spotware.com. If we launch any other official sites in the future, we'll be sure to release a statement so as to avoid any repeat of the unfortunate ordeal. "

For further information, please contact:

Simon Bolvig
Spotware Systems Ltd
Tel: +45 8851 0093
Email: simon@spotware.com


The highly coveted FX Person of the Year Award, conferred annually by FXstreet.com to the most deserving game-changers in institutional and retail FX, has been awarded to the influential co-founders of Spotware Systems Ltd, developers of the rising star of FX trading platforms, cTrader. The award has gone to Andrey Pavlov and Ilya Holeu.

On how cTrader is setting new industry standards, FXstreet.com notes that the platform “doesn’t constrain the trader and force them to adopt all-in all-out or over-leveraged strategies. Other advantages of the product are direct market access, mobile access, cloud hosting for algorithmic trading and the fact it is C# programmable.”

The emphasis on transparency was underlined by co-founder Ilya Holeu: “Alignment of interests between trader and broker is just one of the beauties of agency model... where finally the market maker becomes a broker. The more profitable a trader is, the more volume he or she generates, the better for brokers and in the majority of cases even for price makers – banks.”

40+ brokers worldwide have adopted cTrader, one of several platforms developed and in the works for Spotware that include web and mobile interfaces for cTrader, and cAlgo, an enormously powerful algorithmic trading platform. Brokers who now offer cTrader and cAlgo have experienced  volume growth that is driven by more sophisticated (and therefore higher volume) traders. In certain instances, cTrader has gone on to overtake the key 50% mark for total trading volumes.

Indeed, Andrey Pavlov, CEO of Spotware, puts the volume factor down as an important milestone in the company’s short but effectual history.  When asked about some of the key events that determined the fast-paced propulsion of cTrader, Andrey Pavlov said, “Surpassing 50% of some of our largest brokers’ monthly volumes; releasing numerous charting and cloud features that the other platform can’t even dream about; cTrader Web (our HTML5 front end) surpassing 30% of overall volumes; cAlgo’s developer community growing to thousands of dedicated evangelists; the fact that we signed 40+ great brokers globally and the Spotware team growing to 70 exceptional experts whom I love and respect enormously.”

Quite a long list for such a young venture. It’s an indication of just how far this platform, and this company, have come in the short time they have been around. cTrader is an NDD trading application that prides itself on complete transparency of no dealing desk execution, faster order fills, and a host of features that extend trading possibilities for end-users (such as 3 depth of market types, click-and-drag order modifications, and continuous cloud-feature development).

Details of what’s in store for cTrader apart, it seems there is no stopping the ambition of this single-minded enterprise. Asked about the immediate future of cTrader and Spotware Systems, Andrey Pavlov said, “We are far beyond the other platform in terms of the feature-set, usability and philosophical appeal. And we intend to strengthen that further in 2013.”

Andrey and Ilya said they would like to express the highest gratitude to their clients, who have been rewarded for the trust they placed in Spotware, and their talented team of developers and FX industry experts.

Read the FXstreet.com news story here: http://about.fxstreet.com/forex-person-of-the-year-2012-ctrader/


cTrader ID
Create your individual cTrader ID to receive email alerts and store your favorites in the Cloud.

You can create and log in to cTrader ID using a Facebook account, or you can create a new cTrader ID account by using the Log In button at the top right of the platform.

Stay tuned for many great cTrader ID related features coming in the near future.

Email Alerts

You can now receive email alerts for important event and transactions.

  1. Log in to your cTrader ID.
  2. Click the bell icon from the QuickLinks toolbar.
  3. Choose to receive email notifications for; Take profit hit, Stop loss hit, Pending order filled and Deposits/withdrawals.

Cloud Favorites

Your Favorites symbol list will now be stored in the cloud, so you can access it from any computer after logging in with your cTrader ID

Deal map

View your past trades in the chart. From the chart view options, select Deal Map. This will plot your entire trading history onto the Chart for that particular symbol.

Select a Trade from this History tab in TradeWatch to highlight the corresponding trade on the Chart.


Spotware Systems Awarded ISO 27001 Certification (Press Release)

Spotware Systems, a leading provider of eFX technologies and developer of the cTrader platform, today announced that it has successfully attained the International Organization for Standardization certification (ISO 27001), earning the prestigious accreditation after nearly a year of independent, external assessments.

The ISO 27001, the most stringent certification for information security controls, guarantees that ample information security controls and other forms of risk treatment are in place to prevent and defend against potential data system vulnerabilities. The certification also ensures that the information security controls continue to meet security needs on an ongoing basis.

Andrey Pavlov, Spotware Systems CEO, commented “Brokers and banks especially are looking for increased assurances over the high volumes of data they are entrusting to us and other partners. We’re proud to have achieved this independent certification, as it demonstrates our level of commitment to implementing the tightest security controls, and the emphasis we place on the confidentiality and security of our clients’ electronic data.

“We strive to achieve excellence in all of its operations and the ISO certification lays down a strong marker in our effort to deliver our clients the extra-mile levels of service and assurances they have come to expect from Spotware.”

Spotware has also recently received an ISAE 3402 report, issued by Deloitte in June 2012, which described and formalizes permanent control processes, their objectives and the procedures used when processing operations.

Spotware’s ISO 27001 was conducted under guidance from Deloitte for a period of one year from August 2011 to September 2012. The thorough assessment verified Spotware’s compliance with ISMS policies and procedures, and its institutionalization of ISO standard practices across the organization.

ISO 27001 requires that management:

  • Systematically examine the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts;
  • Design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable; and
  • Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organization's information security needs on an ongoing basis.


We are happy to announce the release of cTrader Web - a web-based version of cTrader which can be accessed from all major desktop browsers.

You can now access the features, transparent pricing and fast-execution of cTrader from anywhere in the world.

Visit our cTrader Web page to learn more, or try our demo to test FX's fastest, most responsive web-based platform. You can create a new account or use your current cTrader demo account details.


cTrader Web
cTrader Web is a newly launched, web-based version of cTrader that can be accessed using the latest Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

To open cTrader Web from cTrader, click on the "cT Web" button from the QuickLinks toolbar.

To open it directly from the browser use the URL provided by your broker.

Rearranging Charts
You can now rearrange chart windows in Multi-Chart mode. Just drag and drop the chart window form the dots in the upper left corner.

New Languages
Vietnamese (VI) and Arabic (AR) languages were added on cTrader and cAlgo.



Change Password
You can now change your account’s password from the cTrader platform. You can find the Change Password option in the Accounts window.

Please note that you need to be logged in to the account for which you will change password.

The news tab will stream live fundamental news affecting the FX markets from your broker’s news provider.


cAlgo now features advanced backtesting capabilities that let you test your robot’s performance against historical data. You’ll be able to see detailed event logs, complete profit loss and trade reports, and graphs of your robots’ performance.


 London based financial technology company, cTrader (also known as Spotware) has announced that it has received a final report on its ISAE 3402 Type Iaudit, the best-practice standards report or assurance reporting on controls at a service organization.

With an unerring focus on safety and quality assurance, cTrader has completed an audit of its controls, putting in place mature internal controls and measures to further enhance its position as the leader in robust FX STP solutions.

Andrey Pavlov, CEO cTrader Ltd, said “We’re delighted to have achieved this recognition of the highest-standard controls we implement to safeguard our clients’ data for the range of Spotware products. This serves to further strengthen our reputation for secure operational practice, and is another example of cTrader’s commitment to respect the trust placed in us by our clients.”

The ISAE (formerly SAS 70) Type I report is granted to companies who demonstrate a level of “reasonable assurance” over the control integrity of the processing environment and embeds a strong control culture.

The report describes and formalizes the permanent control processes, their objectives and the procedures used when processing operations. Achieved under the guidance of Deloitte, ISAE 3402 Type I also offers an opinion that system controls are suitably designed and implemented.

Notes to Media

For further information, please contact:

Brian Martin
cTrader Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 207 743 8805
Email: brian.martin@ctrader.com

About Spotware Systems Ltd

Spotware Systems is a London based neutral financial technology provider focusing on e-FX STP solutions, offering comprehensive solutions for brokers, banks and their clients.

Spotware cTrader’s team of over 60 highly qualified financial and technology experts provide an easily integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to broker-dealers, banks, and other financial services firms looking to implement and offer manual and algorithmic NDD eFX trading and a complete back-end management system.


Custom Period Account Statements
Statements of your trading and transaction history can now be generated for a particular time period.

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the Statement button in the History  tab.
  2. Select from a list of predefined time periods (Current Month, Last 3 Months, etc.) or define your own custom time period.

Your statements will be generated as an html file and the folder location will be opened as usual.

Vertical Chart Scaling
To vertically scale your chart, click anywhere within the Y axis of a chart and drag upwards or downwards. Double click anywhere on the Y axis to reset the chart to its default scale.

Highlighting Positions in Charts and TradeWatch
Moving your mouse over a position or order entry in TradeWatch will highlight the corresponding lines on your chart – and vice versa – moving your mouse over a position or order line on your chart will highlight the corresponding position / order in TradeWatch.

New Detach Chart Button
Charts can be detached by right clicking within the chart and selecting Detach Chart, or by clicking the detach icon from the window.

Keyboard Shortcuts
A full list of keyboard shortcuts can be access by clicking the Keyboard icon in the Quick Links toolbar.

More details in account list
The accounts list now shows more details beside each account: Leverage, Type (Demo or Live) and Currency.

Slow Connection Removes Market Depth
When cTrader detects that your internet connection is slow, you will be unsubscribed from all depth of market information for all currency pairs.

You can quickly resubscribe to specific currency pairs' depth by clicking Resubscribe.

cTrader will automatically resubscribe to depth of market for all currency pairs when your connection returns to normal speeds.


cTrader releases Chart Trading.

Chart Trading allows you to create and modify Stop Loss and Take Profit orders from directly within your charts. You can now mouse over your Position line or Order line on the chart and drag the Stop Loss or Take profit to the desired level.

Limit Orders and Stop Orders can be adjusted in the same way, by clicking and dragging the Order line to the desired entry rate.

Other release notes:

  • ChartShots are now saved to your hard drive in the My Documents folder as .png images.
  • ChartShot configuration options can now be set from the preferences menu at the top right of the platform.

    To change how you view your ChartShots:
    Select Show in Browser to have cTrader open the ChartShot URL
    Show in Folder to open the folder containing your ChartShot on your local machine.

    An HTML file is created called ChartShot-List.html, indexing your locally saved files and ChartShots URLs. The file is stored in the My Documents folder on your computer, and you can also access the file by clicking Show List in the ChartShot Configuration menu.
  • cAlgo: Your robot instance log now also records trade notifications generated by that instance of the robot.
  • Hovering over a trend bar in your charts will change the Status Bar display, from current Trading Sessions to the Open, High, Low and Close prices of the trend bar,  as well as its Date and Time.


London, November 2011

cTrader announces today the expansion of its sales team with four new additions at Director level.

Steve Winters joins cTrader having spent his whole career in the FX industry, starting out at City Index. He was a founding member of GFT Global Markets UK, managing its institutional and retail sales for almost 5 years. Prior to joining cTrader Steve was the Managing Director of Currensee Ltd, one of the first players in the world of FX social networks.

Brian Martin has over 30 years experience within the banking industry. Brian started out as an FX trader working at Moscow Narodny Bank, Fidelity and JP Morgan before moving into Treasury Software at Misys. Brian has travelled extensively, living in New York and Moscow whilst managing teams based in the USA, UK, China, India and Singapore. Prior to joining cTrader Brian led a Global Treasury Team at Thomson Reuters focusing on the creation and distribution of high-value market data.

Cameron Kim has spent over 10 years in various sectors of the financial industry, from convertible bond research to business development in retail and institutional FX. He covered wide geographic regions from Asia to North America. Multi-lingual and multi-cultural, Cameron developed Asian markets for MIG Bank in Switzerland. Prior to joining cTrader he successfully created a North Asian institutional sales strategy for CMC Markets.

Andrey Pavlov, CEO, cTrader, commented: “cTrader is delighted to welcome these new appointments to our Business Development team at a time of exciting growth for our business. These senior and high calibre appointments demonstrate our intent to ensure that  cTrader is the first choice for any brokers looking to offer their clients a direct-access STP platform. With our cAlgo, cBroker and cServer options we offer an innovative and full-spectrum STP trading solution.”

Notes to Media

For further information, please contact:

Steve Winters
cTrader Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 207 743 8803
Email: steve.winters@ctrader.com

Brian Martin
cTrader Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 207 743 8805
Email: brian.martin@ctrader.com

Cameron Kim
cTrader Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7743 8806
Email: cameron.kim@ctrader.com


cTrader is proud to announce the launch of cAlgo, our new algorithmic trading platform for developing and trading with robots and custom technical analysis indicators.

cAlgo’s STP foreign exchange algorithmic trading platform offers powerful, fast and reliable automated trading in an easy to use, coding friendly environment.

The trend is unmistakable: traders are moving away from outdated and discredited dealing-desk brokers into next generation direct STP exchanges in search of increased market transparency and liquidity.

cAlgo offers that transparency as well as distinct technological and advantages:

  • Write indicators and robots using C# and leverage the power of the .NET platform.
  • Use the integrated editor or Visual Studio to develop your code.
  • Code on top of a simple, yet efficient API.
  • Get started in hours not days using an intuitive UI.

More information on cAlgo is available on our website.


July 2011, cTrader Platform Updates

  • Traders will be able to take opposite sides of the trade for one currency pair at the same time (Hedging). The minimum trade volume size has been minimized to 10k.
  • Chart template feature introduced. Users can save and load their chart configuration (colors, indicators etc.)
  • ChartShot – screenshot of the active chart window will be immediately uploaded to a dedicated webpage, with unique URL, allowing easily share the image on social networks, by email, or by sharing the link.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit now can be easily attached to Limit/Stop order creation screen.
  • A possibility to configure manually Proxy setting will allow users to connect from corporate networks.
  • Market Depth window height is adjustable to ensure, there’s no hidden liquidity.
  • Modify Indicators more easily, by clicking on the indicator name in the ‘Indicator & Object list’ on right click menu or chart preferences menu.

These updates were mostly based on user feedback and discussion. To share your opinions and ideas with us, click the Feedback in your cTrader console.


May 2011, cTrader Platform Updates

In response to user feedback, cTrader is issuing the following releases:

  • All chart settings and layouts are saved and appear unchanged upon cTrader client restart. Settings include: indicators, charts, time frames, chart types, layout, zoom level, viewing mode, colors, detached charts, position and objects.
  • Users can now generate statements of their past transactions (Deals) in html using the statement button located in the History station.
  • cTrader has two new viewing layouts, Chart Trading Layout and Charts Only Layout. Users can cycle through layouts by clicking the layout change button on the cTrader preferences menu, or by pressing F11.
  • Chart data is now cached in cTrader's Cache folder. Chart loading times have decreased.
  • Refresh chart option is available, when right-clicked on the chart.
  • It's possible to remove a saved account from the account list. To remove an account, mouse over the account on the drop down list of the accounts bar and click the x button. The account will be removed from the list after a confirmation is provided. Removing the account does not result in the account's deletion. It's still possible for users to log in using a “removed” accounts credentials.
  • Added a "Help F1" main menu option. When F1 is pressed or this option is clicked in the main menu, cTrader help file will appear on the user’s browser.
  • Users can see depth of market for multiple symbols that are saved in their "Favorites".
  • Minimize button now minimizes detached charts to the taskbar. The x button of a detached chart will attach the chart back to cTrader's main console.

Please continue sending your valuable feedback.


cTrader is proud to announce a new partnership with FxPro.

FxPro has become the first e-FX broker to offer its clients the fastest and most reliable platform on the FX market with cTrader

FxPro cTrader clients will enjoy

Removed conflict of interest.
Market depth with Level II Pricing for powerful insight into liquidity.
Lightning-fast execution speeds, even in volatile market conditions.
User-friendly platform interface.

cTrader has taken all the advantages enjoyed by financial institutions and made them available for the first time to traders like you. 

cTrader will be exclusive to FxPro clients until December 2011.