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Development Methodologies

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Our developers are the backbone of our success. That's why we implement a mature and lightweight approach to agile software development designed to foster a collaborative and supportive working environment, helping you deliver applications of the highest level of quality and performance.

  • We Do Agile Right
    You will work alongside experts in Extreme Programming and Scrum, where you’ll experience all the benefits connected with Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration.
  • Experienced and Available Product Owners
    You’ll be working closely with our Product Owners to ship new releases in comfortable and frequent timeframes. Product Owners share your working space, so they're always accessible for you to collaborate with on your projects.
  • Necessarily Innovative
    Teams participate in retrospective meetings, where all team members are encouraged to discuss ideas for improving productivity and outpout, ensuring we are creating innovative and suitable solutions for an industry which requires constant adaption.
  • Planning Poker
    We use Planning Poker for our regular iteration planning and for gauging release estimates – This helps us to minimize anchoring by collecting and aggregating individual estimations which are free of peer influence.
  • Refactoring for Cleaner Code
    We keep code design simple, implementing continuous, as-you-go refactoring to avoid needless clutter and complexity.

    All our source code is kept clean and concise at all times, making it easier to understand, modify and extend - And we do this throughout the entire project lifecycle to save time and increase quality.
  • Collective Code Ownership
    At Spotware Systems we strongly support Collective Code Ownership, and you’re encouraged to contribute new ideas to any segments of a particular project. As a developer, we want your input and intervention wherever you see suitable, and into any aspect of code structure and design.
  • Informative Workspaces
    Our Informative Workspaces ensure you receive up-to-the minute information on all the important tasks and issues facing you and your team. This accelerates  information exchange and makes it possible to gauge where you are at which point in the process by simply looking around your workspace.

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